IP - Prohibit vs Proliferate

IP - Prohibit vs Proliferate

July 23, 2023

By Mohammed Afzal

Copyright allows prohibition, CC0 allows proliferation.


Copyright = Win Game.


CC0/Public Domain = Win-Win Game

After finishing your craft and before releasing it on the internet, you make a set of rules for how people should use it on the internet. The rules broadly fall under two categories private domain or copyright and public domain or CC0, which stands for Creative Commons Zero.

Private Domain/Copyright: You make a set of rules for how your craft should be used.

Public Domain/CC0: There are no rules and rights for your craft; anyone can use it however they like.

I’m not considering copyleft in the public domain because it still has some rules that must be taken care of, while CC0 doesn’t reserve any rights.

Going with copyright the only person that would win is just you, but going with CC0 not only you would win but also the people associated with it. Some excellent internet art projects that take advantage of proliferation with CC0:


Nouns, Checks, and Opepen.

Choose proliferation over prohibition.

Thank you!

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